The dating of the quran bell

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César Dominguez, born in California to Latino immigrants, is a former theater actor who’s now being groomed to head an Islamic outreach center in Mexico.

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Jihad Saafir, an African-American imam in South Central Los Angeles, turned his father’s storefront mosque into a thriving Islamic center that operates a food pantry for the neighborhood.

For years, US Muslims have been trying to build an all-American Islamic authority to bridge cultural gaps in immigrant Muslim communities and attract US-born worshippers who seek greater independence from conservative institutions in the Middle East and South Asia.

Some two dozen seminaries and other US-based Islamic training programs have sprung up in recent years, laboratories for a new generation of US-born clerics.

Turk described it as boring and irrelevant; he often wished he were watching football.

Suffice it to say that’s not the model Turk had in mind when, nearly four decades and aformal religious education later, he opened Bayan Claremont, the nation’s first Islamic school to offer accredited master’s degrees.

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