Symantec client 10 2 not updating

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-Firewall that can as web filtering software with customized rules for ports, links and domains.-Managing Workstation resources and ports is so great feature.We have had an occasional hiccup where the end users need to manually update their virus definitions and there are no notifications that it needs to be done.This can cause users laptops to be blocked from our VPN until they manually push the update. Keeping on top of all the new ways to infect or gain access to our computers has got to be a big challenge.Support has always been terrible and its not getting better. They cannot speak english clearly and are almost impossible to understand or communicate with.Refused to connect me to a us-based english speaking oeprator.

Most virus programs are in-your-face with warnings and anything else they can find to occupy screen space. You can scan when you want and what you want, and I'm assuming it's always keeping things in check in the background. -Easy to build rules and control users and machines.FIX ID: 4071163, 4071509, 4075683, 4079555, 4080313, 4082812, 4083960, 4085244 Symptom: Servers and desktop computers lock up or hang after they upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 MP1.During this hang, you cannot connect remotely to the systems using programs such as Remote Desktop Connection.This is both a good thing and a thing to take some time to explore. Plus it removes the hassle of setting up a management server (but gives you the option to setup a local update server).The workstation deployment is very straight forward and updates can be easily pushed out.

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