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She allegedly threatened to ruin his career on multiple occasions. Elliott was training for the NFL Combine, and after having an argument with Thompson, she called the police.

Elliott attorney Scott Rosenblum: “Were you within ear shot or did you watch her have a conversation with the police officers?

" Elliott: "I do like to party." Nash: "And like to get drunk? " Elliott: "I did in college." That line of questioning was revealing but hardly out of the ordinary during the NFL's three day appeal hearing for Elliott regarding his domestic violence accusation/scandal with ex, Tiffany Thompson.

While Zeke fights to get his six-game suspension overturned, his legal team, and Zeke himself, aired every bit of dirty laundry in the star Cowboys running back's life.

He said he paid for her apartment and helped sign for her new car to help her get back on her feet after.

Their relationship was anything but healthy, with both parties at least partly to blame.

With that the Broward School district adopted a whole new way to talk about sex.

A modern take on sex education designed to ensure students in Broward County are receiving the same level of education as those elsewhere in the country.

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Sometimes it even happened on nights that Elliott claimed Thompson had either crashed his plans with friends or other dates or even on nights he claimed she was stalking him.

FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The Broward County School Board approved and overhaul to sex education on Tuesday.

In less than a minute, the school board unanimously approved the overhaul.

“Policies that have been in place in the past have been abstinence only and have not been LGBTQ friendly of scientifically based with evidence,” said student Mario Lopez.

From kindergarten to fourth grade, kids will learn about anatomy and personal safety.

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