Patent number dating chart

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Only a few years ago bottles in these two categories rarely brought more than a few dollars but as interest in these categories increased so did the price. Whenever demand increases or outstrips the supply of a collectible, the price goes up.

Digger Odell's Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine Price Guide Series has volumes different categories listing thousands of antique bottles that have sold at auction.

In flasks, and some other categories, bottles occasionally are offered for sale that have a "poor strike".

Like collectors in other hobbies, bottle collectors want items in as close to original condition as possible. Stain from contents, or from being buried for a long time, will reduce the value of a bottle anywhere from 10% to 50%.Like age, rarity alone is not sufficient to make a bottle valuable but it is a major factor especially when a bottle has several other important value factors.There are thousands of very rare bottles that are not worth more than a few dollars. Rarity is very difficult for the novice collector to determine.Embossing adds more to the value when it identifies the product, the manufacturer, a patent or other date, the maker, proprietor, state, city, or other pertinent information.Frequently, a bottle that can be attributed to a certain geographical region and has a product a name and/or the maker's name, will be more valuable than a similar one with only a product name. If the embossing is only on the sides and not visible from the front view the bottle will be less desirable.

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