Odette annable dating

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I figured that out in the first year of marriage,” he said jokingly to premiere in Westwood, CA, last Monday.What are some ways to make your first anniversary extra special?She was apparently reduced to tears on more than one occasion because of this.Eve became James Olsen's assistant after Cat decided to take a leave of absence from Cat Co.

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Teen Choice Award winner Odette is known mostly for doing the popular Franchise Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen.Kara told Eve that she and "Mike" hadn't dated, and Eve slyly replied that this was what he had said, too.Luckily, they do have fun when they relax at home just by themselves too."We love to play the board game Settlers of Catan," Odette, 29, tells Us.She was instantly infatuated with "Mike Matthews" (the fake identity of Mon-El) on his first day at work, and willingly helped him with his files.She and Mon-El are later caught having sexual relations in a copy room by Kara.

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