Msn messenger dating site simulate carbon dating

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Then she asked me if I had a royal bank account in Canada.I asked why she wanted to know if I did that was confidencial if I did.also if you need ai have all entertainment what i write with her in msn on my pc and can you send.i know that my money is loose, but i hope that i can help to stop this that other people nod do the same mistake as i.

This conflicts with her original story that her father is dead.

He was not the person on the pictures posted on the match or the person on the picture email to me.

Julius (USA) Report N8 (added on July, 1, 2010) shes asking for money for passport and visa, and airfare, to come to canada to be with me!

After few email exchanges, she decided to ask me to wire her some money.

When I called the number she provided, a guy answered the phone.

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