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Or in Access, when you run an Action query, chances are you don't want Access to ask the user's permission before deleting records.

To achieve the same behavior in the other Office applications, use the application's Display Alerts property.

Screen Updating = True in the code where I wanted the screen to refresh properly.

Actually, I hadn't turned screen updating off, I just needed to sprinkle Application. Screen Updating = False successfully in Office 2010.

Raise Number:=vb Object Error ERR_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED, _ Description:="Newer version." Exit Property End Select If hwnd = 0 Then Err.

Raise Number:=vb Object Error ERR_NO_WINDOW_HANDLE, _ Description:="Unable to get the Power Point Window handle" Exit Property End If If Lock Window Update(hwnd) = 0 Then Err.

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