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Inscrivez-vous en contactant Céline au 06 56 74 43 75 ou par mail.

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When I called his family for help to help him, his sister immediately blamed me and stated that it takes two the make infidelity happen.

Le séjour Hiver du 24 Février au 3 Mars est complet !

Néanmoins il reste de la place pour les séjours été !

His family has not contacted me or our son in 4 years, not even a birthday card for my son, no support, no concern, they enable him to continue by blaming me and praising him.

He lied and lied until I played the voice mails…then he lied more about the nature of the woman. He lied to me the entire first year we dated because he was separated then, but told me he had never married and had no children.

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