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Pierce is one of six African Americans working in the Portland plant whom the lawyer Mark Morrell is representing in a series of lawsuits against Daimler Trucks North America.

The cases have been combined and a trial is scheduled for January of 2017.“They have all complained about being treated poorly because of their race,” Morrell told me.

However, he will need an H1B Visa in order to work in the US full time. If he gets sponsored by another company, can he work with me on the side on the same Visa?

[3] The DHS data is risible, it's years out of date, and doesn't go beyond senior developer, so numbers are low 1.

H1B's are most definitely not a lottery, they are processed in order.

“It’s a sad story—it’s pretty ugly on the floor there.” (Daimler said it could not comment on pending litigation, but spokesman David Giroux said that the company prohibits discrimination and investigates any allegations of harassment.)The allegations may seem at odds with the reputation of this city known for its progressivism.

But many African Americans in Portland say they’re not surprised when they hear about racial incidents in this city and state.

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