Dating a girl out of your league

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You can either make it obvious that you’re flirting with her, or you can be discreet and subtle.Flirt with her discreetly to begin with, and if she reciprocates by flirting back, you can start to get more obvious.But if you really want to win a girl’s heart, you need to learn to still your heart, and play the game of hearts with your mind.Don’t let your emotions control the things you do and the way you express yourself, especially when she doesn’t like you back yet.

[Read: How to flirt with a girl the friend way] #4 Don’t be clouded by emotions.If you want to flirt with her, try to get some alone time with her whenever you can, and avoid flirting with her when there are others around.Flirting with her when her friends are around will make your flirty lines seem like a joke.Always think twice before you say something to her, especially if it’s not something pleasant or if it’s about another guy. Remember, winning her heart is a challenge, and every now and then, you’ll have to deal with other guys who want to impress her. The night time is the best time to build the intimacy.If she’s been ignoring your calls, or if she gives all her attention to another guy in the cafeteria, don’t behave like a little brat and sulk in the corner. Start off by texting her now and then in the evenings, and work your way to calling her at night occasionally.

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