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After mechanical watches and before the invention of quartz movements, we find a curiosity highly popular today among collectors: watches with a humming movement, a phenomenon that lasts from the end of the 1940s until the arrival of quartz crystals at the end of the 1960s.As everyone knows, watches tick – whether quartz or mechanical.This model was so much in demand that Bulova quickly decided to produce it for retail.The name of the pioneering tuning fork watch is wisely chosen.

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The astonishing feature: the cooper wires of the Accutron’s coils were as thin as a human hair and measured almost 200 meters in length.

Together with (the German website related to two German (print) magazines, called Uhrenmagazin and Chronos), we are going back in the past, with the ancestor of quartz, the TUNING FORK watches.

Watchmaking’s eternal pursuit of precision has produced a wide variety of technologies.

An Accutron with a 24-hour dial was used in the capsules of the Gemini program.

The Apollo spacecraft was also equipped with Accutrons.

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