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It's been a global success since its launch in 2006.You've seen them on babies, parents,and grannies, and it's also gained a huge celebrity following. Founder Blake Mycoskie reveals it's the "simplicity" of its One for One business model, which says it all: you buy one pair, they donate one pair.Called TOMS, it sold a brand of espadrilles with a philanthropic twist — for every pair that a customer bought, TOMS would donate a pair to a shoeless child somewhere in the less affluent world.This one-for-one model would work, Mycoskie thought, because, as he puts it, “shoes are something you wear, they’re part of your identity.Charlize’s work is the same: the work she’s doing is important, but the way she goes about it, by building kids’ self-esteem, is just as valuable.Blake Mycoskie has traveled all over the world in his role as Chief Shoegiver for TOMS, but back in 2006 he and five interns started the philanthropic company from a small Venice Beach apartment.I’m seeing this more and more every day and sometimes it does just seem like all talk.

We’ve been giving kids shoes for 10 years at Toms, and what we’ve found is that making kids feel special is just as important as putting shoes on their feet.Since then TOMS is living proof a simple idea can grow into a global movement: TOMS Shoes has provided over 35 million pairs of shoes to children since 2006, TOMS Eyewear has restored sight to over 275,000 since 2011 and TOMS Roasting Company has helped provide over 67,000 weeks of safe water since launching in 2014.In 2015, TOMS Bag Collection was founded with the mission to help provide training for skilled birth attendants and distribute birth kits containing items that help a woman safely deliver her baby.He’s also now pondering whether he can find a philanthropic model in micro-finance and even the hospitality industry.“It’s an interesting space and industry because there’s such a contrast between people who have the opportunity to stay in safe, beautiful places and people who simply can’t afford shelter,” he points out.

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