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That, in turn, requires awareness of oneself and the environment.How someone goes about delivering constructive criticism affects how receptive another person is to it.It also should use “I” language and be balanced with some positive points, as this is less likely to make someone respond defensively.Lastly, making an effort to use questions can help, as it gives the person being assessed a chance to respond, promoting solid two-way communication.

Those being criticized become defensive, sometimes even verbally attacking the person or group that tried to help.It usually applies to work a person does, or to an individual’s behavior.People respond to the method differently based on their own experiences, preferences and psychology, but a good, well-timed delivery can make a person more receptive to the message.This type of analysis often is associated broadly with work a person does, especially in fields such as art. Although experts in a particular area might be able to give a more thorough analysis, it is not necessary to be a professional to apply this technique.Friends and parents, for example, use it to guide loved ones through tough periods or help them develop certain behaviors or skill sets.

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