Accomodating the soul

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We have always loved this part of Wales and over the past twelve years we have come to love this building. We are open all year: please do come and visit us and bring along your friends, dogs or children.

If you are looking for Bloemfontein accommodation , Safari Now has a selection of Guest House, Self-catering, Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Bloemfontein and surrounds.

If planning to go for Panchakarma, the week or two before take extra care not to eat any heavy food or meals late at night.

By taking light foods like mung dal and basmati rice with vegetables you will prepare the body for this beautiful cleansing process.

Not only is the weather sublime, but GCHR is also offering some amazing accommodation deals during the month. November is one of the best times to visit the Gold Coast for a holiday.

The standard of accommodation in New Zealand is generally high compared to other countries.

Bushwa really is easily accessible from major international airports and city centres.

Bushwa is the perfect weekend breakaway offering a luxury experience in a sought after malaria free area!

There's even a remote, romantic treehouse overlooking a waterhole that certainly sets the standard in terms of an exclusive romantic wilderness experience.

Bushwa offers a variety of activities from guided game drives, to lazy days at the swimming pool and soothing spa treatments.

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