Accommodating inns

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Meals are usually Shojinryori, Buddhist vegetarian cuisine.

For places to stay in Custer, South Dakota, look no further than our quality Comfort Inn & Suites hotel!Services also vary considerably with more attention paid to the guest at the higher end establishments.Most Ryokan have Japanese style rooms with tatami mats, shoji sliding doors, and futons for sleeping on. Meals can be served in the guestroom or a dining area. Sometimes buffet meals are options at larger facilities. Often the bathing area is the pride of the Ryokan, especially if they are located in an onsen area.Located close to prime attractions like Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park, visitors can expect to experience the ultimate South Dakota vacation!Perfect for convenience, our Comfort Inn & Suites welcomes thrill seekers, outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife watchers, excited to explore the area!

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